LA City CERT Volunteer Registration

Completed the CERT Training Class but don't know who to contact? LAFD teaches the classes in LA City but it is Volunteer CERT Coordinators who are charged with organizing CERT volunteers after they graduate. Tell us who you are and we'll put you in touch with your Coordinator.

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Community Meetings

LAFD teaches the basic Level 1 CERT Classes and puts on quarterly refreshers. CERT Coordinators put on Community Meetings to focus on team building and to teach you additional skills and reinforce topics learned in class.

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Drills, Exercises, and Training Classes

Hands-on drills allow you to put the training you've learned to use, confirm that you can perform the skills in a simulated event, and develop team building skills you'll need during a disaster.

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Get Prepared in 2018

Last year was a bad year for natural disasters. Records were broken....and then broken again. Communities were devastated. People lost their homes and their lives.

You can't stop a natural disaster from happening but you can be prepared for one.

Let's make a resolution for 2018 to get prepared. If we and our neighbors are prepared for a natural disaster then we can cut the number of lost lives and recovery time so it isn't so devastating.

There are 3 basics that you need to be prepared: Get Trained, Make a Plan, Build a Kit.

This month, do one thing. Get one emergency item for your kit. Next month, do one more thing, get one more emergency item.

If you can add one item to your emergency kit each month, it keeps the cost of the kit manageable and gradually gets you prepared.

If you can take one training class every few months, you start to build your knowledge and skills.

If your neighborhood holds one disaster planning meeting every quarter, by the end of the year, your team will have a plan.


Get Started....

Haven't taken the basic Community Emergency Response Team training yet?  LA City Fire holds rounds of free training classes every 2 months all over the city.    The classes are usually 2.5 hours long, 1 night a week, for 7 weeks.  Each class is taught by an LAFD Firefighter.  All 7 classes must be taken to graduate.